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d*s student correspondent: nathan, emily carr institute

emily carr

d*s student correspondent, nathan martell is a design candidate at the emily carr institute of art and design in vancouver, canada. nathan was kind enough to take some great photos of emily carr's 80th anniversary open house. below are photos of the fantastic student work and a brief description of the weekend's events and participants. thanks again to nathan for filling us in on the world of student design at emily carr! [be sure to catch that gorgeous lacy/doily bowl!]

"This past weekend of November 5th and 6th, The Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Canada celebrated it's 80th anniversary by opening it's doors to the public. There were workshops in both the art and design departments, student work on display all over the school, and an extremely large cake (which was sadly all gone before I could get a piece and/or take a picture). Here are some shots and highlights from the weekend."

"Descriptions of photos in order: Third year "eco" furniture project by Eric Olindan (recycled cardboard tubes, glue and glass, paper), doily bowl by students Sandra Lopuch and Allan Hirsch, Coffee table (3rd year "eco" furniture design project by Pauline Cheng), A free "chair design" workshop for all, a beautiful exploration in materials, Alex doing a demo in the ceramics studio."

[Also, if you happen to be in the area or near by, check out the student show and sale taking place at ECIAD later on in November. More details here]












Blogger Lisa said...

Interesting concepts. The folded magazines look quite striking. It would be great to hear comments from the designers about their work as well.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The doily bowl was a step in the exploration and testing process as to the merits and strength of rice glue. It was part of a new materials class where we had to develop and a deisgn a new application for an evironmnetally friendly, self created new material. Rice glue was just one component. Our final project was much more interesting.

3:22 PM  

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