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[kicking off monday with a post from d*s reader, jan and her blog, poppytalk. thanks, jan!]

I am loving the design of this new Bialetti Cappuccino Maker! So cute! And i bet they make the BEST coffee ever! They've now added the milk frother to the mix. all on the stove top. Just fill the base with water, the filter with finely ground coffee or espresso, and the top carafe with milk. place on the stove at medium-high heat, and in just five minutes you'll have a barrista-quality cappuccino or latte--without using a frothing wand. brews two cups. At Crate and Barrel $89.95.

If you haven't seen these amazing cups yet by Bodum, you have to give them a double take. Made of laboratory glass (so very durable yet thin) they are designed to keep hot drinks hot (without being able to feel the heat) and cold drinks cold. $19.95 also from Crate and Barrel.

For appetizers, condiments or whatever your heart desires these Wovo Twist Bowls can definitely be the answer (three bowls in one). Love the shape and colors! Kitchen Shop, $12.95.

And also from the same line, this ice bucket has festive written all over it and only $29.95. from the Kitchen Shop online.

I never saw a toast holder until i went to England, but they never were as fun as this one designed by Duo King Kong for Alessi. In stainless steel from Unica Home.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just bought the cappucino maker off of a friend's wedding registry -- i'm dying for them to open it up and start using it so I can decide if I'm going to buy one for myself!!

3:51 PM  
Blogger shubsite said...

i've got those bodum cups and i love how you can set an iced drink on your desk and there is absolutly no sweat on the glass, on my desk.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bodum cups are so stylish--but they are _so_ fragile. I cracked one by setting it no-quite-gently-enough on the counter. My boyfriend and sis-in-law each broke a glass by dropping an ice cube into it. Very disappointing!

10:04 PM  
Anonymous ProgGrrl said...

Warning folks...myself and two other friends bought that coffeemaker earlier this fall when C&B first stocked it - and it does not work. Cannot froth milk. Only good for lattes. But it sure was nice looking. I returned it and went back to using my pump-frother, which works amazingly well. See here: http://www.ineedcoffee.com/00/02/frother/

7:01 AM  

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