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d*s sundays in the garden *


i'll have to be honest, today's post is more like "sundays in the rain" than the garden. the weather here in brooklyn is miserable so hopefully these garden finds can remind us of sunnier times. also, if you're new to the site, every sunday i round up some great modern garden accessories and must-read garden links from the web, so if you're looking for something green, check back every sunday for some gardening goodness. this week i was really inspired by martha stewart's site. for all her wacky connecticut crazyness, martha can be really, really wonderful when it comes to organizing and getting things started. i find then when i approach any gardening project, it helps to have as much info as possible, and ms. martha's gardening section is indespensible for that. so, sit back, enjoy the finds and drop a line if you have a great garden to show off in the sunday garden column. as the weather gets warmer and things start to sprout we'll be showcasing gorgeous reader gardens. see you tomorrow!


martha's encyclopedia of plants: this is quite possibly one of the best ways to get to know the things you'll be planting in your garden. it's an indespensible resource for gardeners.


martha's garden blog: the martha machine does home grown garden tips. need i say more?


martha's houseplanting primer: need to know what sort of light your plants need? how to best repot your plants and how to clean them? check out this link for martha's real world gardening tips

smith and hawken kiwi vine

why not grow your own fruit? i'm loving this kiwi plant at smith and hawken ($39)


looking for a little shine? how about these stainless steel globes at chiasso ($18-$48)? they work in urban and suburban gardens alike


something with a bit more color? try these affordable garden pots at ikea ($4.99)- gardening doesn't have to cost a bundle


if kiwis aren't your taste, what about a colorful kumquat plant? $45 at s+h


last but not least- are you more of a vase gardener than the backyard variety? try this classic vasemaker ($49) and turn even the most mundane of vessels into dramatic floral showcases. enjoy!



Blogger Linda said...

Hello! I´ve become a fan of your sundays in the garden. It will be really intresting to see your readers gardens later this spring and summer.

I can recommend a nice garden site for all of us gardening fans: You grow girl. It´s a community but also a book. A lot of nice pictures and ideas.

Thank you for a great blog!

4:35 PM  

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