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oh, gaetano


la michetta is a cheerful sofa trio designed by italian mastermind gaetano pesce. released in 2005, la michetta's name refers to a puffy hard-crust milanese bread. a bit over the top, but somehow i can imagine this used really tastefully in a sort of bohemian loft. oh how nice it would be to lounge on these guys in the summer air. available at moss for $6830- it's a splurge for sure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

$6830...? Make it yourself in a weekend, with three plywood boxes, some foam rubber, velvet and a staple gun.

12:47 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

somehow i think the results of a diy and professional construction of this sort would differ greatly. overpriced, maybe? but easily redone diy in a weekend? i really doubt it.


6:45 AM  

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