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agnes and hoss


i hardly ever write about fashion but i had to mention these quickly. stephanie of agnes and hoss released this gorgeous line of clutch purses with her patterns that i'm in love with. she brought one to the d*s chicago meet up and i found myself staring at it the whole evening. you can grab one at 2modern for $196 if you need a cute summer clutch.



Anonymous janae m said...

Hi D*S!
Every time you write about fashion or a fashion accessory, and it isn't very often but it does come up, you always say something like "i hardly ever write about fashion" or "i don't usually mention umbrellas" or "i don't often focus on handbags" or "this isn't a jewelry blog but i wanted to mention..."
Your readers know that 98% of the time you are writing about home furnishings, deco ideas, new stuff in interior design, etc. What if instead of prefacing each of the 2% of non-interior design products with "I usually don't write about (blank)" you instead came up with a name for this kind of post like Sidesponged or D*S Diversions or anything clever to 1. let the reader know it isn't related to interior design and 2. save yourself from writing "i usually don't focus on..."
Sometimes designers who usually focus on home stuff put out a clothing item or accessory that warrants mention, or sometimes there is an innovative piece of jewelry or whatnot that's too great to miss. I like hearing about these things once in a while even though it isn't your main focus.
Just an idea! And those clutch purses are precious :)

9:54 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

that's a fab idea! i love "d*s diversions", thanks for the fun idea!


10:00 AM  

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