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philippe starck


it's a starck-extravaganza today here at d*s: i received two great new submissions today showcasing some of the design celebrity's latest pieces. first, the lux collection of disposable cutlery and tableware that has a built-in spike in each plate to keep glasses and dipping bowls from tipping over. a fun idea and a nice pared down way to approach modern disposable tableware (though i hope people will use non-throw away pieces as much as possible!).

Icon stools

second is the new icon stool starck designed for legendary aluminum chair company, emeco. starting at $350, the icon chair will be available in a stacking and stool version from emeco. and as an added bonus, in the emeco press release the company's chairman describes working with starck as, "...like making love. i don't know why it feels so good or works so well, i just follow my heart. emeco and starck have a wonderful love affair." sounds pretty serious. click here for more info emeco and here for more info on starck. [lux tableware will be available in the us soon and is via mocoloco, kevo thompson and everything and nothing]



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