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new at rare device


i saw these in person last week and was really impressed with their quality. these little sponge vases by andrew dewitt and black and white bottles by brooklyn's lighten up! are the perfect little summer gifts. i'm making a little package to send to a friend of mine who lives out of state and i'm considering adding one of these. i always getting little gems like these in the mail. the sponge vases in particular have a really lovely texture to them. pretty enough to stand on their own with buds if you so desire (as are the bottles, really). click here for more info and to purchase. ($85 for the bud vase, $125 for the set 3 of bottle/vases). enjoy!

[ac and i are going to see revenge of the bookeaters tonight so i'm closing up early to get errands done and finish up some near deadline pieces. i'm visiting a showroom this afternoon so stay tuned tomorrow for a little visit to new zealand. oh, and a little hot pink over at hg today...]




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