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new from kragh rosenberg


i was speaking with mette and anne from kragh rosenberg yesterday and discovered their gorgeous new spring/summer 2006 patterns. i've long been a (rather rabid) fan of kragh rosenberg's modern danish textiles, and this new line proves these ladies aren't slowing down any time soon. full of beautiful patterns and rich colors (like that fantastic purple they always use), kragh's new collection includes bedding and pillows that are too cute to pass up. when ordering kragh it can be a bit tricky- currently tivoli home carries a limited selection of their goods (as does koo de kir) but mette and anne told me that one of their retail locations, ankerliving.dk, sells internationally. so, it can be tricky, but if you really want to get your hands on some gorgeous danish textiles, shoot an email to ankerliving for prices and shipping (pattern names, etc are on the kragh site). enjoy!

[i'm off to have lunch with a friend who just returned from a summer in india so i'll be back tonight for project runway blogging. looks like jeffrey and laura are gonna throw down...]




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh so fab! I love your Euro finds!


12:03 PM  

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