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d*s reader (and fellow blogger) leigh from hawaii sent a fantastic link to furniture designer miki iwasaki. miki runs mi-workshop, a collection of beautiful wooden furniture that showcases his ability to create stunning, environmentally friendly designs. i was most impressed with the simplicity of the designs and the way iwasaki lets the beauty of the wood shine through. his mr bed is especially impressive and would be a wonderful investment for someone interested in quality woodworking. you can click here to view the entire collection, it's really gorgeous. [thanks, leigh!]






Anonymous Minny said...

Mi-workshop is amazing! I recently blogged about the Phil ladder and Ray shelf as brilliant solutions to a cluttered bedroom. All the pieces are so unique and functional.

10:39 PM  
Blogger i-make said...

These pieces are absolutely
gorgeous! The remind me of some furniture I recently came across designed by Kellam Clark: http://www.kellamclark.com/p-cabs.htm

11:55 AM  
Anonymous leigh said...

isn't the inlay on the km stepstool lovely? the designs are so simple yet have an understated elegance . . . a lot of thought definitely went into creating these pieces.

2:53 PM  

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