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bientôt demain


one of my favorite people i've met through d*s has been a french reader named ana. based in brittany, ana sends me the most fantastic links to independent designers in france and throughout europe. i've been waiting for her shop blog to open and today i see it finally has! ana's shop is called bientôt demain and despite the fact that it's written in french it's full of fabulous pictures and links that anyone can understand. much like husmusen (frida's wonderful blog that closed this year), i can tell it's going to be a source i use for daily inspiration. good design always translates so click here to check out ana's first posts. i suggest just clicking on links to see the people she's suggested- it's wonderful to be exposed to a world of small and independent designers in europe. [great work, ana!]



Anonymous Reeves said...

Translate the web pages to English. Not totally acurate, but quite helpful by clicking this link and following directions.


Love French design!

3:14 PM  

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