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d*s reader and designer heidi panelli sent over her cute new pillows she launched under the name "modpillows". each one has a bold bright and bold colors that will wake you right out of that winter malaise. the pillows are only $20 each and are available right here. [thanks, heidi]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I LOVE these! Only $20? Even better! :)

12:06 PM  
Blogger poppy said...

love how these are displayed

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! fantastic colour combos.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous nifty said...

By the way, these are also available as prints at Heidi's Imagekind gallery. They might keep your walls from getting jealous of your sofa.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous jinal shah said...

i love these!

10:09 AM  

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