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notcot does food

the lovely jean of notcot has added a new section to her la-based empire: tastespotting. much like notcot.org, it will collect picture highlights based around one subject: food. the bottom line- if you love food porn, you have a new site to bookmark. i'm already starving just looking at this week's photos. you can even submit your own...click here for more info [thanks, jean!]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an amateur photographer, I'm curious - doesn't taking pictures off food blogs and epicurious.com and re-posting them on Tastespotting violate copyright laws?

I think I would be steamed if one of my food images wound up as part of a collage to promote someone else.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous jean said...

Grace, so excited Tastespotting makes you hungry too!

As for the comment above ~ the goal of Tastespotting is to be our place to highlight some of the amazing posts, articles, products, etc we find that inspire us and make us drool. All posts are really a window directly to the source, and we WANT readers to go read, explore, and discover the amazing sites behind them.

So we are less a collage promoting ourselves, but more of a digital version of our bulletin board where we stick magazine pages, comics, inspiring imagery in the studio.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

What a pure delight!

I am really excited about these photographs, they are perfect! i love how intimate and personal they are and how much I want to devour the food!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you hadn't mentioned food porn! We love two things in life, good food and blogs..great blog.

(feel free to add yours free)

4:08 AM  

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