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shiny things rule

gold and silver seem to be the rage in fashion so of course, design is jumping on the band wagon. i'll have to say though- i'm all about this trend. metallics are always hip and if i can have a gold orange juicer than by god, i'll take one! the bling bling medallion is kinda preachy for my taste, but i threw it in for good measure, because i can.

HOLLA HOLLA [bling bling medallion*frank tjepkema] i can't pronounce his last name to save my life and yeah, it's kinda preachy with all those logos, but it's funny and shiny. win win. (fyi...it's a bunch of corporate logos if you can't tell...) Posted by Hello

TEENY TINY TOYS [mikro house*sam buxton] found this at moss. it's like a tiny house set for grown ups. you can't really do anything with it, but who cares? bet it'd look cool on a shelf or a desk. comes in silver and gold and is tragically cute. Posted by Hello

GOLDEN BOY [juicy salif*starck for alessi] anything starck touches turns to gold, so why not a juicer? available at moss, it's worth its weight in well, gold. Posted by Hello

BOUNTIFUL BOONTJE [garland (in silver)*tord boontje] tord boontje can do no wrong. well, except for making a cheap plastic version of his GORGEOUS garland. available in copper and silver, it's a must if you've got bare bulbs. i mean come on, who lives with bare bulbs? what's wrong with you? Posted by Hello

JERKS [gold ipod mini*apple] this company consistently screws me over, but i love the gold and silver ipods. i'm a sucker for metalllics... Posted by Hello

SHAMELESS SELF PROMO [utensilo*vitra] yeah i work for them, so what? you wanna start somethin? dorthea becker's chrome organizer is perfect. i don't care if it's cheating, i'm promoting it anyway. ha. Posted by Hello

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