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brits that don't suck

i love love love witty design. especially witty design that is equal parts fun and function. the brothers of j-me design have nailed this type of designing. i am dying to get their cute key holder. it's such a brilliant idea. and it's funny. see? fun, function? j-me design is great.

LOVE IT!! [his and hers key holders* j-me] i can't get enough of these. sooo cute. perfect for friends' holiday gifts

DRINK UP [drink me bottle stop* j-me] cute idea for getting a little sip in here and there...

CANNY [canny ashtray*j-me] revisiting that whole porcelain thing....



Blogger Spiralcross said...

Thank you very much for discovering such cool UK designers!
Being an interior designer, I certainly appreciate brilliant as well as witty design!
I especially love the "shoe rack"!!!!!Such clean line....

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is a bit strange you hate the suck guys so much but love the j-me fella's work when it's pretty well known that j-me have been ripping off suck.uk for a good few years now?

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these designs are genius

3:28 AM  

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