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focus: fuss

in a world where originality is hard to come by- it's worth stopping to appreciate those who blaze their own trail. artist adam fuss is one of those precious few who go their own way. i discovered his unique photographs at the mfa boston a few years ago and thought it was high time to celebrate his work.

working in the rather untouched medium of cibachrome photograms, (and the laborious process of full-plate daguerreotypes) fuss' work is breathtakingly different. it's hard to describe the physical and emotional reactions i felt when seeing his work in person- the eery, etherial effect of the silver and gelatin photograms is otherworldly. you can find details on his camera-less (yes, camera-less) process here.

in the meantime, enjoy the prints below and, if you have the means, i highly suggest contacting cheim and read in ny and purchasing an original adam fuss photogram. if i could, i would in a heartbeat. this is attention well deserved- adam fuss is an artist with an amazing talent that deserves to be celebrated. enjoy.

SUNNY DAY [untitled*adam fuss] untitled cibachrome photogram from 1993

EERY BEAUTY [untitled*adam fuss] from the series 'in between', 1994

BUNNY LOVE ['love'*adam fuss] 1992

WATER BABY ['invocation'*adam fuss] silver dye bleach print 1992

SLITHERY [untitled*adam fuss] 1998 cibachrome photogram



Blogger D A Ruff said...

Great to finally see what all the Fuss is about.

nice one today.


11:32 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

thanks d-


12:18 PM  

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