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shoppy shoppy

uggh. i'm still in the land of thanksgiving and sleeping in late. so, in honor of the truly lazy (and i mean lazy in a good way), i've decided to start doing a little best of the online design shopping world...for those of us who still need to shop and don't have time to go store to store for the perfect gift. so, let the clicking and buying begin!

this week: urbanoutfitters.com. yes, you can actually find cool things there. see below for proof. really, it's not all overpriced hipster crap (ok, there's A LOT of that, but trust me, it can be cool). and that's saying a lot for someone who lives and breathes independent design. sometimes the big guys aren't so bad.

KNOCK OFFS FOR EVERYONE [fake nelson clock*urbanoutfitters.com] yeah, i know this is sacrilegious, seeing as i work for the original one's manufacturer....but i'm poor and i like it!

TOASTY [toaster*uo.com] cutest toaster i've ever seen. ever! i want one of these. it RULES.

PIXEL THIS [pixel blocks*uo.com] for the builder in your life. could this be any cooler?

DOTTY DOT DOT [dot light*uo.com] cute. nuff said. would be nice outside....

BUBBLE TROUBLE [wall storage*uo.com] some people wanna put fish in these. that's just wrong. but accessories are cute...flowers, too

EVERY DAY I WRITE THE BOOK [photo album*uo.com] classy but cute

SPUTNIK [sputnik lamp*uo.com] looks great on exposed brick...

GLUG GLUG [circle flask*uo.com] classy way to guzzle...

GIRLY GLUG [heart flask*uo.com] girly way to guzzle...

DRINKY DRINKY [wine glasses*uo.com] for your party friends...

COMP QUACK [duck usb memory holder*uo.com] for the tech people in your crew...so cute. guess they need to be girly tech people, huh?

KISS ME [kiss lamp*uo.com] the one on the right, not the left. bottom looks like a hershey's kiss, get it? great for new home owners...



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