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turning japanese

thank you, core 77. for always updating me with the kinds of things i could never find on my own. for finding websites with the coolest and most innovative designs around. for introducing me to designers whose websites i cannot read or translate, but whose phenomenal work clearly doesn't need an explanation. thanks core77, you're the best.

yesterday my beloved core77 had a posting about some japanese e-commerce site that was fan-tastic. i can't read it or translate it to save my life, but the pictures speak volumes. i managed to get some pictures off of it and fall madly in love with a designer (don't know his name...can't read it!) whose work you'll see below. the link is here. enjoy!

if anyone speaks japanese (or can read it) please let me know what this is all about and what the designer's name is...i'd love to give as much info as possible. thanks! d*s

TACKY [concrete tacks*japanese designer mentioned above] sorry i don't know this person's name...someone who speaks japanese, heeelp!

GRAVEL GLASS [gravel and concrete coaster*same guy]

SMOKING SUCKS [ashtray*same guy...]

LIGHTHOUSE [concrete house light*same guy, again]

LIGHT IT UP [alarm clock*oh you know who...]

BIG HOUSE [mansion planter*him again]



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I speak, read, write, sleep and windowshop in Japanese. The designer is the individual at the bottom of the page, Nobuhiro Satou. He is only 27 years old, born in Yokohama(near Tokyo) and went to school in Kyoto and is active in the Kansai area. According to his bio he draws his inspiration from architectural structurs, especially those of concrete. If you have any other questions...mattnoiseux@hotmail.com

4:35 PM  
Blogger GSB said...

i love this stuff! i am so going to make some similar things for christmas gifts ;)

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alarm clock designer is Kouji Iwasaki


6:42 AM  

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