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computers and clay: when digital meets ceramic.....

it's rare that i come across a designer that makes me step back and say "wow. that shit is cool." in the current design climate it's not often that you find a designer doing something different, something creative, and above all, something original. so, you can imagine my delight when i was contacted by chicago-based artist scott rench, a pioneer in the world of digital ceramics. before you say, digital ceramics? whatchu talkin bout! let me explain...

scott's work consists of computer generated images that are printed with a ceramic glaze onto a large canvas of clay. after he creates and collects images, scott scans them into the computer and manipulates them to fit the concept. the new image is output onto transparent film that acts as a stencil for transferring the image to a silk-screen. glaze is then used (instead of ink) to print the image on to a slab of clay. once completely dry the slabs are fired. that's a mouthful, but the result is ridiculously cool. you can see a great step by step demonstration of the techinical stuff here.

a ceramist for ten years, scott also teaches seminars, workshops and was most recently in hungary creating work for the international ceramics museum. his work is amazingly creative and innovative- the digital transfer process allows for some really cool patterns to be placed on some really interesting places- like sinks. but enough of me talkin, check out the work for yourself below, or visit scott's site here. enjoy!

CLICK HERE [every1 wants it*scott rench]

SING IT [i sing cup*scott rench]

COMPU-BIRDIES [i sing platter*scott rench]

MOUSEY [arrow cup*scott rench]

DOWN THE DRAIN [every1 wants sink*scott rench] the coolest shit ever. ever.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's effing great.
effing great.


12:14 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

no, you're effing cool dave.

happy holidays dude.


12:59 PM  
Blogger xAmandax said...

i LOVE that sink!!!!!!!!! Or whatever i dont know the name of that bathroom thing, it{s Gorgeous!!!! But if i had it i think i couldnt spit into it!!!! Or maybe i d just make everyone who visits me play with mud or something, and then i d invite them to use the sink!

I love your blog!
Is all of this made in NY???


5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Cursor Mates Chaise Two Logo.

Awesome blog!

8:36 PM  

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