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holidays, murray style

mr. moss has impeccable taste, as we all know (see sam buxton's mikro house above). so i decided to pick through his holiday gift guide and see if anything was interesting....and of course, i found a few things. see the best of the best below and drop by moss on greene and houston for the real deal...

DRINK UP [basic thermal jug*lovegrove and brown]

RIDICULOUS [teddy bear chair*camapana bros] i have NO idea why i like this, but i do. not really to look at so much as what i think it would feel like to sit in it. ridiculously decadent, covered in plush teddy bears...mmm...decadence

OPEN UP [sten bottle opener*eric walter] perfect minimalism, bottle opener style

FETCH! [stick plush dog toys*george usa] perfect for all you dog lovers...

PREP [preparations parfume*andree putman] gorgeous packaging

ANGRY BEAR [humberto gift card*stephen flyod] never know, you might want to send a card that says "man and i mad at you..."



Blogger Amy N. said...

hey! i love ur site. it's wonderful n amazing how u manage to find all those products!! haha. i'm currently taking a diploma in product design too! =)

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bear chair is just downright spooky.


1:56 PM  

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