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ROUND IS IN [orb binary light*niche nyc] i love niche nyc's lighting. it all looks very scientific to me, in a good way- like they should be in a lab, surrounded by people in white coats. but, they would still look totally cool in your house.

editor's note: whoops! my bad- i didn't see land+living's post on niche. click here for more niche coverage



Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny how you create something in the lab, and then the next thing you know...it is floating out there on the internet, with a life of its own.

i'm glad you like the lights, there are more coming soon...
We'll be debuting them at BROOKLYN DESIGNS show and the ICFF -- both in early May 2005. Stop by and see us, people of brooklyn and beyond.


3:20 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

thanks jeremy- love your work. will be sure to drop by your booth at both shows- can't wait for em!


12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhh, Brooklyn Design...ICFF. The mecca of design for our corner of the planet. At niche we've scraped the change from underneath the couch, taken a hammer to the piggy bank and are thrilled to be able to get a 10 x 20' booth at both shows. yikes! now we just have to get some chewing gum and popsicle sticks, build the booth, and fill it with a few lights, right? I mean, less is more, no?
- jeremy

6:27 PM  

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