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are you going to san-fran-cisco....

golden-gate-bridge-6 2

well, like the song says, yes i'll be going, but no, i won't be wearing flowers in my hair. although i'll probably be wearing my favorite knit hat that has a pink flower on it, so maybe i will be wearing flowers in my hair. either way, ac and i head to california tomorrow morning for a weekend full of family and friends (all his) and of course, shopping. can't wait to see all the great places i've been told i have to see (thanks rena and amie and evan for the tips!). i'll be sure to take millions of pictures and post the best. i'll try to post from the hotel, so be sure to check out the latest goods! i'm soooo excited about my upcoming posts, i've saved my favorites for the ny times article week (it's a good bet it's going in tomorrow!) so, get ready for design*sponge extreme- i'm going to be on coolness overload! yay!


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