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because cats deserve good design too

creeps cat toys

our cats are as finicky as they come but gosh darn it if they aren't the cutest things in the world. the illustrious ms. jackson and turk demand only the best and i think i've found it. in a world where people only design fun things for dogs, ryan rutherford has designed the cutest little play toys for cats! yes, cats! take that dog owners! (well, i love dogs, but the cute toy count does seem to always tip in their favor)

i found ryan on coroflot and fell in love with his cute, cartoonish style that he has so wonderfully translated into tiny plush "creeps" toys for cats. it really doesn't get any cuter than this. i know for a fact that turk and ms. j would be more than happy to rip these suckers to shreds, or at least hide them under the oven for safe keeping. great work, ryan! check out ryan's portfolio here. adopt a great cat or dog here (best.shelter.ever)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I adore adore those cat toys! SO cute!!!! (runs off to buy one)

You should check out iiinu.com they make super cute dog and cat collars. People who see my dogs and cats collars are constantly raving about them to me and I can't get enough of their prints.

12:19 PM  
Blogger O mundo ao contrĂ¡rio said...

i love cats also.. they are great and so elegant.. i have 3 .

and i make toys inspired in my cats.. check them here:


great work and great blog

9:54 AM  

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