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my favorite sleepy cow


have you ever discovered an artist whose style is just so, well, YOU, that you instantly fall in love? well, i have. and that artist is kate sutton. tragically cool (and young- hooray for young (girl) designers!) and amazingly talented, kate is a uk based, led zeppelin-loving artist who has a super cute sketching style i can't get enough of. kate says her drawings and funny creations come from, "a love of cows, led zeppelin, the colour brown, goats, kids books, [my] badge maker, sewing, nice jumpers, trees, car boot sales, mountains, fancy fabrics, buttons, whiskey, mushrooms, fairy tales and home made things, just to name a few." and well, you can't beat a girl who gets inspiration from nice jumpers.

kate's style is girly, cute and fun but entirely cool and edgy enough to suit a number of purposes. her drawings are witty and certainly know how to get away with mixing irony, humor and great design. sleepycow.com is a showcase for some of her scribbles, pirate pigeons, monsters, cows, and more, so you should go check it out. i'm gonna buy one of her sketches asap. cause i like em. a lot. not to be missed: her hysterical plushtastrophe dolls. too. funny.







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