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steal this chicken


i've always loved cards and all of the accessories that come with traditional correspondence, so it's no surprise that i spend so much of my free time scouring the internet for great new card designers. this week it's stolen chicken cards. there's something beautifully haunting about these cards- besides being made from wonderful block prints (hooray for my major!), they take on themes that evoke the supernatural and, if nothing else, a somewhat eerie feeling. my favorite series is based one the most peculiar (but wonderful) children's books, alice in wonderland, while another, "above outside", depicts lonely powerlines with crows and unearthly trees. but don't think that because the cards can be a bit spooky that they're any less beautiful than other, more cheerful, designs. stolen chicken also has a series called confection that is positively up beat and perfect for any occasion. check out stolenchicken.com for some gorgeous new cards to send to all your friends and loved ones.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you love cool handmade cards, check out my friend's website, bellamuse.com. Her handmade designs are clever and sometimes a little cheeky. She also offers great prints, framed or unframed, and a variety of other beautiful items.
Check it out.

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