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marvelous molo

martini 3

the innovative design team of stephanie forsythe and todd macallen, also known as molo design, is at it again with some great new additions to their existing lines...

hanging system 3

after receiving requests from people who wanted to use their paper softwall at work or for exhibits, molo is in the process of perfecting a process by which things can be hung off of the softwall, for mulitple purporses. they are also beginning to have their first successes at making a textile softwall – made from a water-resistant and tear-resistant non-woven textile. neither are completely finished, but when they are, look out! these guys are unstoppable and i'm so thrilled that the industry has such innovative players like molo.

martini 1

not content to stop at updating the softwall, molo has added two new pieces to their award-winning float line: a gorgeous martini glass and a small version of their elegant tea lantern. the float martini glasses preserve the classic shape of the martini bowl while harmonizing beautifully with the aesthetics of the full line of float barware. like all of molo's pieces, the martini glasses are handcrafted from the highest quality german borosilicate glass. the small tea latern, like it's larger cousin, is a beautifully innovative way to enjoy your relaxing cup of tea in style. both will be in stock and ready to sell next week. you can contact molo for purchasing information.

new glass martini tea 10



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