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dog town bites

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calling all new yorkers- i have officially found the cutest thing in the entire world: dog town bites.

elise and carlos by cart

lickity splits

dog town bites is one of those fantastic projects that is bound to be in the new york times any day now, if it hasn't been already. an innovative (and painfully awww-inducing) concept in luxury dog treats, dog town bites is a roving cart for discerning dog owners who want to treat their pampered pups to some delicious street-side snacks. created by elise diruggiero (founder/ceo) and executive chef, carlos garcia, dog town bites roams the streets of new york with an adorable cart loaded with all sorts of gourmet dog goodies like ginger cookie bark, uber bones, biscotti and lickity splits(tm). of course, these treats aren't made with actual chocolate or ingredients that would be harmful to your pooch, but they are made with wholesome things like apricots, almonds, peanuts, oatmeal and wheat bran (all in safe, dog-healthy portions).

Dog Town Bites Cart with Doggie in West Village

smoked breadsticks

dog town bites hits the street in a cart that allows pets to safely hook their leashes up to the side as they nosh on their doggy biscotti and oatmeal crisp. the cart schedule in nyc is currently as follows:

thursday 9:30-6:30 meat packing district (9th ave/15th), friday - 9:30-6:30 union square (in front of dog run), saturday 9-2 abingdon sq market, 4-7 magnolia bakery (across the street) and sunday 11-7 washington square park
you can order dog town treats (in the nyc area and outside of it) by filling out a form from their website and faxing it in. but for those of you in the area, be sure to take your pets to the cart for a sweet summer treat. [thanks, bronwyn!]

bonesman biscuits

Dog Town Bites Bad To The Bone Cart Profile



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