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r. wood studio


based in athens, georgia, r. wood studio designs and produces beautiful pottery pieces for the home. working out of an old produce warehouse, rebecca wood and her team of 12 artists use local red clay to create simple, colorful pieces that have a wonderful "handmade" quality to them. my favorite piece is the nut dish- its uneven colored glaze around the rim is comforting to me- it looks like something i'd use in a country house somewhere (if i had a country house). the collection is divided into everyday, serving, speciality and one-of-a-kind collections- each one full of colorful pieces that are sure to add some color and handmade flair to your home. so, if you're looking for a departure from slick, sleek modern, check out r. wood studio and their beautiful ceramic collection. (shop online or find a retailer near you) enjoy!



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