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brunklaus beauties


designed by celebrated dutch artist, nicolette brunklaus, this trio of bird patterned lamps has a silk shade imprinted with a wooden pattern and imported directly from amsterdam. the price is steep, but brunklaus' designs seem to be selling for top dollar these days. i'd love to make my own out of a great faux bois wallpaper and plastic...you can buy this set online at lekker home for $425.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw some thing very similar to these in Pottery Barn a while back, maybe before the holidays. I thought they were expensive at Pottery Barn, but now they seem like a bargain! No luck finding them on the PB website, but I did see them on eBay.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please delete my previous comment sinec I seemed to be suffering from a bit of reading mis-comprehension. I saw the photo of the birch bark items and immediately thougth of the candles from Pottery Barn but now realize that the items you are highlighting are not candles. Geez, sorry 'bout that...

11:34 AM  

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