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cat interiors


d*s reader, lori passed along this cool link for a german design company making modern cat goods! the prices are a bit high and they're only in europe right now, but i think there are a fair amount of you in europe who might be like this...


cat interiors specializes in modern cat furniture and toys made from materials like felt, leather and wicker. i'm enamored of their cat nooks that stand on metal poles and can attach to the wall. i think our cats would be crazy about them- and the little felt cat toys that would be fun to dip in catnip and let the kitties attack. anyway, fun stuff. click here for more info, thanks lori!




Blogger Megwin said...

I love these! It is so hard to find nice modern stuff for my cat that I am willing to put in my place. Still a little out of my price but so cool!

1:58 PM  

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