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the golden tree


maria of port2port press makes the most beautiful cards from her studio in maine. this card, her special edition for february, is a beautiful tree print printed with gorgeous metallic copper ink. the golden tree is part of port2port's special card program that includes a special new card every month printed in a limited edition. once each card is sold out it's gone (sniff) forever. i'm a big fan of maria's work so i can't wait to see what comes next month. in the meantime, you can view and purchase "the golden tree" online right here for $4. enjoy!

get_jpg_detail_image 2

get_jpg_detail_image 3



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I wish I could have a huge version of this for my office wall. So serene.

On an unrelated note: Images aren't showing up in RSS anymore! I read everything in the newsreader first (as I dutifully reported in the survey) because I'm at work and don't want to get distracted by lots of open browser windows. The pictures let me know what to open up and check out further :)

Was this an intentional change? Or maybe my reader is buggy :)

11:10 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

hmm...i haven't changed anything on my end that i know of...is anyone else having this problem or can someone suggest a solution for melanie?

sorry, melanie- i'll try to figure out what's wrong...but i promise i didn't change anything on my end :)


11:16 AM  

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