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dalex designs

dalex5 copy

good morning! d*s reader dan alexander sent me his work today and i was so thrilled to see yet another talented designer coming from brooklyn (clinton hill, to be specific). dan graduated in 2006 with a degree in industrial design from pratt- since then he has been running dalex designs, a studio specializing modern design with an industrial twist. each piece utilizes materials like wood and metal along with more interesting features like reclaimed felt from the guggenheim. i think dan's work shows a wonderful grasp of form and function, as well as a good eye for just the right amount of detail and embellishment. you can check out more of dan's work right here. [thanks, dan!]

[be sure to check out this week's new mini trend: delft blue! and don't forget to catch d*s sundays in the garden: send in your garden shots for next week's column]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These chairs are amazing. I love the wood. Especially the dark wood. I want one!! It would look great on my oak wood flooring.

8:21 AM  

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