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i heart ronan and erwan


my biggest and longest standing design crush will always be on the bouroullec brothers. insanely talented and always unique, this parisian duo is forever churning out great new ideas that rexamine the way we look at materials and the objects that live in our homes. i've already mentioned most pieces they've designed, but wanted to add these dramatic wall tiles they designed for kvadrat, the danish textile company. "the tiles (les tuiles)" are made of foam and come in a wide array of colors. i don't think they're available for public purchase yet (or at all, but correct me if i'm wrong) but i thought they would be gorgeous inspiration pieces for perhaps a home project- or if nothing else, something lovely to look at. the bouroullecs seem to be moving away from the rounded edges of their earlier designs in exchange for faceted pieces with angles and sharper corners- so i'm excited to see what they do next. for more images and information click here. [all images by paul tahon for the bouroullec's website]





Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are amazing! I am definitely inspired to duplicate the effect at home since I can't buy any myself. Thank you so much for sharing your discovery with us.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the concept would work with almost any repetitious items. lids, perhaps?

7:57 PM  

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