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d*s sundays in the garden!


this week we kick off sundays in the garden with some gorgeous architectural planters from velocity and some fun little plant kits from sprout home. velocity just stocked up on some newbies from one of my favorite outdoor accessory companies- architectural pottery by vessel. from mod planters to candle lanterns, vessel will take your garden from sad to stylish in no time. prices for various vessels range from around $90 for smaller models to upwards of $1500 for the fancier ones.


if you're looking for a fun, warm weather project, check out sprout home's plant me pets- stick these little guys in the ground and they actually grow! perfect for kids and fun weekend projects, the plant me pets are compostable and need only be potted (their eyes are seeds) to produce a pumpkin, melon or tomato! click here to purchase at sprout home ($20.55 a piece)


and as always, here are some fun links for your inner gardener:



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