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unison home


robert and alicia of unison home were kind enough to send along some of their beautiful home designs for us to check out. based in chicago, unison home specializes in "livable, breathable" design. after living and designing in finland for four years, robert and alicia returned to chicago to combine their respective backgrounds in textile design and photography. their first collection combines rich colors with organic and graphic motifs. while my interest in graphic motifs and shadow patterns is waning (i know, finally), i think unison's core collection- their duvets and quilts- are really quality pieces that work well in traditional and more contemporary homes. click here for more on unison. pillows are $52 and bedding starts at $142- $275.





Blogger nylon said...

Robert Segal is son of Gordon Segal, the founder of Crate & Barrel, and designs for his brother, Chris Segal as well - Chris, the founder/owner of Chiasso.

Here's an article (cached copy) on the Segals.

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