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coe & waito


every once in a while you stumble upon something really spectacular and wonder how you haven't heard of it before. last week i got an email from carly at coe & waito and was so floored to see their stunning collection of modern (affordable!) ceramics. instantly taken with their work (and the affordable price range) i had to find out more so i asked the lovely ladies of coe & waito a bit more about the studio and how they got started...


after meeting in the id program at the ontario college of art and design, alissa coe and carly waito discovered a mutual desire to make what they called "real things". they began exploring the processes of mold making and slip casting which lead to a collaborative thesis project bridging ceramics and industrial design. after graduation they found a small studio space in downtown toronto and the rest is now history. the coe & waito collection now includes functional tabletop items like cups and vases, as well as decorative pieces like the tiny birds and beautiful pinecones (with new pieces constantly being continually). noting the unique emotional attachments that people form with objects, alissa and carly may great attention to the details of their work. their production process is intuitive and careful, with simple forms and clean surfaces. glaze application is minimal, with most of the surface detail happening in the form of texture or enamel transfers which are designed, silk-screened, and applied by hand, by alissa and carly. currently their goods range from around $20-$100 (canadian) and are available right here and here. however, coe & waito also take custom orders and are open to exciting new ideas and exhibitions. you can find more information on coe & waito right here and see a slideshow of additional items right here. enjoy! [thanks so much alissa and carly!]






Blogger Susan Schwake said...

fabulous. i. love. it.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. I don't know how you find all this. Great stuff!

Aida :)

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, so wonderful. So clean, so lovely

2:45 PM  

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