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jen garrido


as i get older and change my focus from the trend of the season to pieces that require a bit more investment, i find myself looking to fine art for that special piece. i'll always be a print girl but i've been checking out paintings a bit more lately so i was thrilled to see an email in my inbox from artist jen garrido of dog and pony show design. aside from making fun stationery and cards with dog and pony show, jen creates beautiful paintings full of texture and a kaleidoscopic range of color. i found myself intrigued by zoomed in corners of each piece and getting to appreciate the details of each piece and the way you see how jen applied the paint to the canvas (or wood). so, if you're looking to invest in a painting i highly suggest checking out jen's work. you can check out her site right here. enjoy! [thanks, jen!]




Blogger Susan Schwake said...

really beautiful! she uses her oil paint like encaustic technique almost. they are stunning.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Feanne said...


1:21 PM  
Blogger Fábia said...

Hi, that work is beautifull!
And the blog either. I work with artistic pottery, if you want to see pictures of my work, go to www.schnoor.blogspot.com.
It´s not tranlated yet but will be.
I found many interstings things here...

8:46 PM  

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