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little by jenny


i must be living under a rock because i've never heard of brooklyn studio little by jenny. just passed on by spanking new design blog indie fixx (a great outlet for indie designs), little by jenny makes a great collection of hand-printed pillowcases for $50 a set. working from her studio (right around the corner from my old apt), jenny designs clothing, textiles and a gorgeous series of printed stationery that is NOT to be missed ($5 each). you can check out more of her work right here and click here for a list of stores that carry little by jenny. enjoy!


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Blogger Jan Halvarson said...


10:49 AM  
Blogger @alyssa ettinger said...

hadn't heard of them either till i found one of her t-shirts (shhh, it was at the salvation army in clinton hill. what a great score!)

since then i've been watching her stuff, it's fab

11:21 AM  

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