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deadly squire: hayo makamak


i'm so excited about this that i couldn't wait until monday. one of my favorite brooklyn design teams, deadly squire is having a show at one of my favorite brooklyn shops, rare device. the show is called "hayo makamak", which is a chinook indian phrase for 'plenty to eat' (used derisively toward those of high status who displayed their wealth at big potlatches). anna and tim will be filling the window with a huge display of faux food: game, vegetables, fruits and pies - all sewn from deadly squire's patterned fabrics. inside rare device will be decorated with a table laid out for a feast, with deadly squire plates, place cards, napkins and placemats, plus sewn drumsticks, pumpkins and other fall fare. sounds like a blast. click here for more info. i'll be sure to cover it for those who can't check it out in person (the show runs from november 1- dec 3).

[i stopped by the party for jill bliss' window last week and got to catch up with ms. blissen herself and see lena's new pup, gus. click here for a full slideshow of the show]




Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a cute puppy...fit's in a purse...ha ha

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, great photos of jill's window display and lena's puppy...hope to make it to brooklyn to see the next one!

1:41 PM  

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