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women to watch: erika wakerly

i'm happy to announce another installment in the women to watch column. today i'm featuring british designer erika wakerly. erika's wallpaper made a splash at last summer's icff and she's certainly not resting on her laurels with a recent collection of fabrics and illustrations. erika's sense of line and space is truly unique and gives her work an almost surreal sense of propotion sometimes. it's fun to see someone work with line in such a painterly, illustration-style rather than using it to create purely geometric patterns. erika's work shows endless potential and i'm sure that we'll be seeing more from her at this spring's design shows. the buzz on the editorial scene is that erika is going to be one of the summer's biggest designers so i'm excited to see what comes next. i hear there are new wallpaper designs on the way and i'll be sure to post them here when they hit the streets. until then you can view her collection and find more information right here.



Blogger Shayna said...

oh i love her wallpaper! so glad to see her featured here. i've been coveting the tiny houses pattern ever since i saw it last fall in some design magazine...elle decor uk?

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I discovered your web site yesterday and think it is fantstic!! I am in Cambridge, England and can see that I will get totally frustrated with all the covetable goodies that you have over there! Great to see these fantastic wallpaper designs from the UK though.Keep up the great work!

1:19 PM  

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