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new: beearo eco-chic wall vinyls

beearo was a big hit here back in march of 2006, so i was psyched to hear from the brothers at beearo about their latest products: wall vinyls. my natural inclination is to say "more wall vinyls?" but i actually like these. why? because they're made of environmentally sustainable real wood veneers. each pattern and style is repositionable and removes cleanly from most surfaces so you can play around with designs and patterns. i love the installation shots on their website- they have such a nice modern feel to them and it's great to see someone working with vinyls that don't harp on the baroque look. i also like that you can use them to create small, discreet patterns rather than something that screams "I HAVE BIRDS ON MY WALL!". you can choose from 16 patterns and shapes (from which you can construct just about any pattern you can dream of) with either a walnut or teak finish right here. each kit contains 43 elements for $212.02. it's great to see people working with vinyls in a way that's fun and different- and especially eco-friendly. click here to view the full collection of beearo wood veneer vinyls and shop online. [thanks, phil!]



Blogger Katie said...

Hahhaha! I HAVE BIRDS ON MY WALLS! That cracks me up Grace!

But these look really nice. A nice change of pace for once!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I love your web site and I love these vinyls! Very sophisticated.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are beautiful, but I'm not sure I would consider teak "sustainable" even if it's farmed. Is the wood they use Forest Stewardship Council certified?

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello everyone and thank you for the comments.

I would like clarify that Beearo uses "reconstructed" or "composite" veneers to replicate the exotic species. Our veneers are manufactured from fast growing timbers grown on managed plantations that once cut are dyed(not solvent based stained) to the color of the species being replicated and then layered and pressed together to reform a "log". This log is then re-sliced at different angles to form the new species. No Teak or Walnut was harmed in the making of this product. grin

We don't claim to be perfect or that our products are without impact but we did make efforts to source a responsible product.

In case anyone is wondering, our products are NOT "vinyl" but rather real wood veneers bonded to a fabric backer with a controlled tack adhesive. Grace used the term "vinyls" to identify the group of peel-n-stick products so popular right now. Hope that helps.

1/2 the Beearo team.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the yellow chair in the first shot.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very inspiring pics. Love em..

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the fact that it's of a wood nature. I think I know exactly where to put it....on the end wall in my small galley apartment kitchen for starters. Nice find!

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Darrin. This is one time I'm pleased to be corrected. We've all got to be vigilant about "green" claims, so I'm glad to see you are willing to address concerns.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Ishsurf, you accomplish so much more for green promotion by not going on the attack.

"Green" feels good to us also but we avoid using the lable because we simply can not back it up with documentaion.

We try to be "responsible" in what we source and how we use the material knowing anything we produce will have some impact. Fact was, for this product it just didn't make sense to use real Teak or Walnut. It would have only increased impact without adding value for our customers.

1/2 the Beearo team.

1:20 PM  
Blogger mad architect said...

who makes those faucets? I really dig them

6:13 PM  

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