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john mahoney

new wallpaper from john mahoney- john will be showing as part of the studio printworks booth at icff... [i have to run to a doctor's appt so i'll be back around 12:30 or 1]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it's funny you thought you had to tell us you were running to a doctor's appt, as if we would yell and scream WHERE ARE YOU, WHY AREN'T YOU POSTING?

12:29 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


i wish it didn't happen but people leave lovely comments like "why are you so lazy, can't you post more than once a day" and "are you too good to post more than once a day?" when i go away during regular biz hours. sometimes i like to try to head them off before it gets too nasty. but then again, some people enjoy being nasty regardless ;)


12:37 PM  

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