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miwa and marco at MetM are participating in a flux factory project called "albatross" at the socrates sculpture park in long island city, queens as part of a summer show called LIC NYC. miwa created some simplified PET barnacles for the side of the shipwrecked boat, which look absolutely stunning. i'm going to have to try to get up to queens to check this out. if you're in the area click here for more information and directions...[thanks, marco!]



Blogger juligieā„¢ said...

i have to agree, those barnacles look amazing!!! how'd he do that??? ; )

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check these out too... made from water bottles - gorgeous!!!


8:50 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

thanks lab! i think this is the same artist, too :)


8:56 AM  

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