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if you're going to san francisco...

no, ac and i won't be wearing flowers in our hair but we will be renting a convertible mini cooper (i love zipcar) and washing the brooklyn out of our hair for a few days. we're headed to san francisco until sunday (to housesit for a fellow blogger) so i'll be back on monday with regular posting [if you have any good shoe shopping recs please feel free to leave them below!]. until then i hope you all have a wonderful week and check out some of the sites on the blogroll (down on the left hand side of the blog) if you need a quick design fix.

also, if you're in san francisco this friday, june 29, come by the (super laid back) d*s meet up. a group of my favorite bay area designers will be stopping by and ac and i hope you can swing by and have a drink with us. nothing fancy, just a little after dinner drink + chat fun. the details are below, hope you can make it.

  • date: friday, june 29
  • time: 9:00 PM- whenever
  • place: sky terrace 2524 mission street (the rooftop of medjool restaurant, 360 view of the city)
  • details: it's a cash bar upstairs but there is an ATM in the restaurant if you need one. if you can't find us just ask downstairs at medjool for me or kelly sperbeck of relish.

[stay tuned on monday for a very special sneak peek. we'll be getting the first look at a fellow blogger's house- according to the d*s reader survey from this summer she's the site you read the most along with d*s. need a hint? she was the talk of this year's stationery show...]


todd time

i'm so excited to finally have this up and running: last week i spoke with todd oldham while he answered all of your reader questions. the results are finally live right here along with a gorgeous slideshow of his treehouse in pennsylvania. yep, he's got a two story (fully electric) treehouse that's every bit as cute as you'd expect from the king of handmade modern. click here to check out the interview and find out what todd's guilty pleasure music is (hint: posh and sporty are involved) and which part of his house sports "push up pop" orange stripes. enjoy! [thanks so much to todd and jennifer for helping with the interview and treehouse slideshow]

[all photos by todd oldham and tony longoria]

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silk cashmere

i love a good product shot. this photo alone makes me want to take up knitting so i can use this yarn at tigerlilly's shop.


sneak peek: amy ruppel

i have to run some errands before we leave for SF, but i'll be back later this afternoon with more (and sf meet up details). but i couldn't leave without posting another sneak peek. a part two i supposed for ms. amy ruppel. these lovely shots can be seen in their full glory right here and you can find more information on amy right here. in the meantime you can find details on the photos in amy's words below. [photo above: marcel breuer 'wassily' chair with salvor owl, danish furniture finds, paintings by lisa de john and dawn riddle (pink whale piece on top of lisa's)]

[Guest Room! If you need a place to stay in Portland, we've got a room! Danish dresser with art by Trish Grantham, Merkled light (both Portlanders), Julie Gibb glass bottle (with bird)]

[Bathroom...hooks for my many necklaces (most are by Erica Weiner and Amy Bengtson), birds clips from Pylones, a Lotta Jansdotter bag that holds my toiletries so it's ready to go for spontaneous trips, orange planter from Sprout Home (Chicago), little log bowls from the design shop at ICFF, by loyalloot collective]

[White ceramics collection - Karin Eriksson bowls from the d*s shop, all the Masahiro Mori cups and containers I can find, cool bird bank from MoMA, Danish coffee cups]

[Guest room: Found end table (set), Target lamps, fun vintage wood bird sculpture, and my eleventwentyfive pillows go well with that Dwell bedding!]

[ This is where I make coffee every morning ;) Camilla Engman calendar, way too many onions and an apple for my squirrels (I hand feed the squirrels in our giant hemlock tree), IKEA fabric which my lovely neighbor Sara sewed into curtains for me, along with a cute set of IKEA tin canisters, and my beloved butter dish from neutrino designs:]

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down the drain

who knew drains could be so pretty. i love these metal and porclain drain designs at rose and radish. $42 in porcelain right here and in metal right here for $83.

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set editions

beautiful new chipboard postcards from set editions. i just can't get enough of these. i love the contrast of metallic inks, bright yellow and hot pink on chipboard. you can view the full collection and shop online right here. enjoy!



i'm slowly becoming obsessed with this ivy coatrack from mos office. i've seen in it person a few times at rare device but it's never quite grabbed me enough to bring it home. we have a sort of awkward space next to our apartment door right now and i'm wondering if this would be a good solution. you can find out more (and see close up shots of the product) right here.

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good shape design

i'm always excited to get news from wayne pate at good shape design. i mentioned his flock print last week (dooce owns the pink one) and now he's got a new print available along with a collection of dishtowels in new patterns and our beloved flock print. wayne's new offset tulip print (18x24 inches) is available for $30 and the new dishtowels are available for $20 each. as always, if you'd like to purchase any of wayne's prints or new dishtowels you can check out his shop right here or send an email (the new pieces aren't online yet) right here.


glove molds

i stopped by julia rothman's house the other day and was blown away by her beautiful collection of hand and glove molds. she mentioned that a few of them came from fishs eddy so i was psyched to stop by the shop in brooklyn heights manhattan last week and see so many of them on display. you can pick up some plain porcelain versions right here or stop by the brick and mortar shops if you're in nyc. the saleswoman said they get a rotating stock in regularly so be sure to check often if you're looking for something new. prices for the plain porcelain versions range from $99-$150 right here. [photo above by julia rothman]


woodson and rummerfield

somedays i browse 1stdibs just daydreaming of what it would be like to own the antiques in their collection. i found these table lamps at woodson and rummerfield this morning and instantly imagined them perched next to my green and white sofa. the pricetag of course makes the dream impossible but it's always nice to browse. and while browsing i checked out woodson and rummerfield's wallpaper collection- they have some great florence broadhurst collections and a nice series of floral designs. click here to check it all out.


bamboo love

lately i've been obsessed with finding a good regency style bamboo (or faux bamboo) lamp. they seem to run for a pretty penny on ebay so i've been scouring for something simpler and thought i'd see if any of you knew of a great source for something similar. my favorites are above and below and i love this little number at gump's but the price tag's a little steep for me. [photo above- left: ebay, right: ebay]

[photo above: ebay]

[photo above: ebay]


nebo peklo

natalie at nebo peklo just sent over a beautiful new print in here shop. "poppy" is a limited-edition gocco print made with a mixture of matte and irridescent inks. you can pick up a print right here for appx. $26. [thanks, natalie]


stick em' up

just a little monday morning eye candy as i try to shake the sleep off and get rolling today. lately my mind has been wandering towards personalizing my home- looking for little bits and bobs that will help make each room different in some way. while i'd always prefer to paint a pattern rather than stick one on i love the way these photos use domestic's vinyls to add detail where you might not expect. click here to view and shop their collection.

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weekly wrap up

it's been a great week here at d*s. thanks to everyone for their great advice on our kitchen (pictures coming soon) and the kofod larsen rocking chair. can't wait to share more projects as i finish them. in the meantime, here's a little wrap up of highlights from this week in case you missed any. [photo above from alyson fox's sneak peek]


sneak peek: little girl's room

it seems like everyone i know is having a baby these days, so i've got kids on the brain. i've been helping a few expectant mothers design their childrens' room so it was lovely to hear from d*s reader missy babcock who contacted d*s 2 years ago to ask for advice on her 3 year old's room. since we last spoke she's made incredible improvements and i just had to share them. this would have been my dream room as a little girl. heck, it would still be my dream room now. i love the soft pink and little bird details- it's so sweet and serene. also, missy's still looking for advice on bedding for the room so if you have any ideas feel free to leave them for her below. [thanks missy for sharing]

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friday morning etsy

i often start my fridays with a sleep etsy search for great collage work or letterpress. here's a sampling of my favorite pieces from this morning's search.

[spring six print, $16 by matty8080; deer garden page, $6 by ohmycavalier]

[collage $46 by curbside treasure]

[ceramics by yashabutler, $98; print by megancreates, $11]

[artwork by brenda rose, $175]

[mixed media assemblage, $75 by sushipot; collage, $9, by curbside treasure]

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xenia taler

i'm so thrilled that xenia taler finally has her own website. you can view and shop her full collection online right here. tiles run anywhere from $34 to $90; the two above are from the crochet collection. [thanks xenia!]




after a lovely lunch (at lovely day) with the ladies of hable i purchased a yard of "fig" in chocolate to reupholster (well, staple gun) my rocking chair. thank you to everyone for their two cents on the fabric project. i'm really happy with the results, and i think ac will like it, too.

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pattern therapy

if there's one thing i love it's a good patterned fabric. so this week i decided to make my daily product columns at hg all about products that showcase colorful printed fabrics. there are 5 under $100 and 5 that are a bit of a splurge but either way it's a big old' dose of color and pattern. click here to check them out. [the john robshaw napkins and madeline weinrib pillow are my favorites]


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