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steven eichhorn

on my birthday day off i cleaned out my inbox and got it from about 950 emails to 11. it was seriously the greatest feeling in the entire world. but somewhere in my rapid cleansing i accidentally deleted the email that sent me this fantastic link to artist stephen eichhorn. so my apologies to the reader who sent this in- thank you very much for the wonderful link.

last year stepen graduated from the school of the art institute of chicago and he seems to have hit the ground running. i spent a good hour yesterday staring at his beautiful collages made from wood and foliage. each one is hand cut and placed into delicate arrangements that suggest the sort of precision you'd expect of someone who focused on architecture and design. each piece was more beautiful than the next so rather than try to capture them with words, i'll let the images do the talking. you can click here to view stephen's full collection and contact him if you're interested in his work.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry about the never ending link. I just thought the sculpture posted in your blog looks suspiciously similar to a sculpture on UmeƄ University's campus, and I thought it would be fun to send you the link.

Love your blog.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sculpture???? isn't that collage work???? whooops

11:45 PM  

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