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sofa guide

as many of you know we spent a good 6 months looking for a sofa last year. the combination of our tiny doorway and narrow (v-shaped) hallway meant that practically everything we looked at was too big to get through. now that we've settled on one (room and board's andre), i thought it would be fun to compile a guide to sofas made up of models i tested during our search. i've included groupings according to style (mid-century, classic, sleeper, etc.), designer (mitchell gold + bob williams are a favorie) as well as price (there is a roundup of sofas under $1000) so hopefully there will be something in there for everyone. this isn't a definitive look at the entire market but rather groupings that i've personally found to be great models depending on price and style. click here to check it all out- hope you enjoy!


spiral notebooks

i'm a sucker for this pattern- hable's bead print notepads at see jane work ($16)


brooklyn bride

i'm loving this little jen corace wedding album from ifn books, via brooklyn bride. it's such a sweet way to store your memories. and...vane also has an update on the brownstone bride story (see photo below) that was in the national news. such a crazy story- and just one block from our house!


chloe's back

one of the things i get asked about the most these days is the chloe sevigny spread H&G did last year. i'll admit, i was majorly obsessed with her hallway's wallpaper but i'd never been so beseiged with emails asking for full-sized photos, sourcing info and extra copies. thanks to my co-worker katy the full slideshow is now available online, with additional pictures that didn't run online the first time. just click here to check it out- she's got a seriously beautiful home.


craft project

when i get bored i like to do little craft projects around the house using leftover fabric or paper. one of my favorite things to do is use wrapping paper to line drawers, cabinets and closets. i thought my dresser drawers could use a little snazzing up to go with our new quilt so i picked up a few rolls of snow & graham gift wrap (on sale at loom) and cut them to size for my drawers. the best way to finish the project is to cut clear contact paper to size and use that to secure the gift wrap, but i decided to go for simple scotch tape this time because i didn't have any contact paper around the house. and if you get bored? simply peel off and start again- always a fun project for a hot afternoon.

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pressure letterpress

this beautiful new print from chris at pressure letterpress is too lovely to pass up. plus, it's in that fabulous yellow hue that's everywhere right now. you can pick up chris' 'bunny bush' print for $15 right here. enjoy!


the cabin house

i've been having so much fun watching shayna and her boyfriend put together their new cabin house outside of san francisco. every week there's something new to look at and i'm amazed at the speed with which they're getting everything done. i'm also loving the bold paint color choices. if you enjoy checking out home decoration from the ground up i highly recommend shayna's cabin house blog- and don't miss the blue bedroom, it's such a fantastic color.

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sneak peek: alena hennessy

i'm thrilled to post another sneak peek today, this one belonging to artist alena hennessy. alena's home is full of beautiful artwork and i had so much fun reading through her descriptions to see who everyone was. as always you can click here to see full-sized (and several extra) photos of alena's home, or you can read below for photos with alena's text. thanks to alena for sharing her home with us!

["In the very top photo above Grace's intro is a giraffe from Jonathan Adler. The ceramic vase was made by Kim Westad, which I bought off her Etsy page", The picture directly above this is our bedroom. Above our bed is a painting of mine from several years ago. I used a variety of small glass beads and old photocopies of vintage looking floral motifs."]

["The framed drawing is by Alyson Fox, we did a trade for artwork several months back. The clock is our newest addition which we just picked up at Mxyplyzyk. We are really in love with it. And the furniture piece my husband, Andrew Bowers, made back when he was in school."]

["Shown here is a painting by Nina Surel, another fabulous trade!"]

["The small decoupaged plates are by John Derian, my Mom and I both adore his work so she bought those for me a few years ago. The month of July that is on display is a part of the letterpressed calendar I bought on Etsy last Christmas. The vase is from the Curiosity Shoppe, and in it are dried lotus pods."]

["Drinking tea is one of my favorite things to do in life, especially with my girlfriends out on our back deck. So I just treasure my tea cups and things. Those tea cups were a gift and they are hand painted from San Francisco... The cylindrical thing to the left is a princess's lunch box was a gift that my Grandmother received years ago when they lived in Japan. The above photos are mounted onto recycled barn wood are by another Asheville artist, Rebecca Tolk."]

["This is a photo of our dining room. The alabaster deer head is from The Curiosity Shoppe. On the table is a place mat from chilewich underneath the dried flowers. "]

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bye, rena

i just wanted to post a public farewell to the lovely rena tom who's headed west tomorrow to open up shop in san francisco. i'm going to miss having her right up the block from me but look forward to her new shop in SF and the reopening of her park slope shop which will now be a combo between rare device and erin weckerle's gorgeous sodafine. best of luck to rena in sf and i'm looking forward to having erin in the neighborhood.


diana baumbach

i love catching little glimpses into great art exhibits- these photos are from artist diana baumbach's show at snowflake/city stock in st. louis, mo. looks like a fantastic show...


lighten up design

lovely new tablee top designs from lisa at lighten up design in brooklyn. click here for more information and to order...


blue bell bazaar

i love these bright orange vintage mugs at gosia's etsy shop. $36 for a set of 4 right here.


skinny laminx

more beautiful dishtowels from heather at skinny laminx. i'm still loving that pretty ochre yellow so these 'summer weeds' towels are perfect- available right here for only $10. [thanks, heather!]


sneak peek: lorena barrezueta

i thought i'd start the day with a little mini sneak peek into the home of brooklyn-based artist lorena barrezueta. lorena was one of the first artists i interviewed on the site years ago and i've been a big fan of hers ever since. here's a little look into her home (bigger pictures here) and a mural project she created with 4 other graffiti artists at ms/ps 34 on 11th and D. [thanks, lorena!]

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family time

i'm so excited because today my mom is coming to town for three days to have a good-old fashioned girls' weekend. i'm picking her up at laguardia bright and early so i'll be out today. i'll be back on monday with new sneak peeks and plenty of posts- sorry this week was a little light. don't forget to check out meg's modern economy sale in SF this weekend and turquoise's sale in LA!

the beautiful artwork above and below is by anna keck, a graduate student at scad. anna was one of the wonderful women from the fibers department who helped me around campus- she's an incredibly talented artist. you can check out her blog and more work right here.


julia rothman

just a little eye candy for thursday morning- i love these patterns from julia rothman.

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beautiful. i'll take two, please. danish modern cabinet at ebay.


thank you

i collect cards like they're going out of style. these are definitely on my "must-have" list now- letterpressed "thank you" cards from noteriety press at etsy. $10 for 6 cards.



more pretty things from doe: bark vases and matchbook sized notebooks.

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ta-dow that's green! and fabulous. perfect for a little bench or chair cushion that needs a little oomph. $8.50 per yard right here.


for the table

this is a fantastic idea for a tablecloth. i'd love to see some diy versions made with paper doilies or even a colorful patchwork of fabric doilies. via pan-dan via sam baron.


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