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ugliest pillow winner(s)!

well the results are in and after what has to be the most commented-on post i've ever done, the winner of the ugliest pillow contest is.....#3: phyllis! her fungus-filled craft project gone-wrong pillow was a landslide winner and she'll be receiving two brand new thomas paul pillows of her choice courtesy of pillows and throws.

and, as a special surprise, thomas paul himself decided to offer up to pillows himself to replace his personal favorite, #9: karen. so both karen and phyllis will be freed from a life of ugly pillows. thanks so much to everyone to entered, voted and to pillows and throws and thomas paul for providing us with pretty pillows to replace these seriously ugly accessories.



Blogger Unknown said...

what a fun contest! thanks for holding it! and how generous of thomas paul...

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those were my top 2 choices too!

Question for you, Grace - just out of curiosity, can you tell what IP address the votes came from? Seems like there were a ton all for the same pillow in a very short span of time right at the end. Probably just coincidence, right? ;)

1:52 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


yup- there were definitely some dupes in there so i didn't count them. i checked all the ips for any anon comments and cut out the dupes. either way #3 won by a landslide ;)


1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I...kind of like fugus themed decor.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

thanks grace! that was a great contest, and i'm so glad i got to be a finalist! guess i'll just have to replace the ugly pillows myself. :)
thanks again!

4:52 PM  

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