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apparently everyone hates the design museum

sir terence conran was the nail in the london design museum's coffin this week. following the vacuum legend himself, james dyson, who recently bemoaned the design museum's "empty styling" and left his position as chairman of the museum, sir conran (the namesake behind the utopia that is the conran shop) followed up just two days later and threatened to leave the museum as it had "betrayed it's founders' ideals". claiming the museum is now full of "tinsel exhibitions", conran, one of the founders of the museum itself, threatened to leave if the situation continued. i say conran and dyson should team up and make their own museum-they seem more in touch with real design than the museum that is currently housing an exhibition on the typography of harper's bazaar. really. i'm not kidding. way to be design museum- you've managed to piss off two of the most important brits in the design world AND put on another fluff exhibition. keep up the good work.



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