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celestial design

australian design team satelight caught my eye while i was browsing through modernwhite's website. their felt bracelets were painfully cool and i thought i'd see what else they were up to. turns out they're up to a TON of cool stuff...

from belt bracelets and lighting to sound proof panels and topographic dining ware, satelight has got some phenomenal products that are dying to be a hit in our half of the world. their jewelry happens to be my favorite (i fell in love with the felt bracelets first, remember?): their typo and tag bracelets are really, really cool. take a look for yourself...it's definitely worth the trip to their site. enjoy!

FLY FELT [felt bracelets*satelight] what originally pulled me in. i looove these bracelets....wonder if they're treated to protect against water because doesn't felt smell bad when it's wet?

SOUNDS GOOD [acouStick tiles*satelight] cool designs to keep cool places quiet...see additional picture above...

YOU'RE IT [tag jewelry*satelight] sex and the city style...

DONOR STYLE [type o bracelets*satelight] cool clear bracelets...



Anonymous Esri/Kiki said...

Those Satelite people are such teases! They SHOW you the TypeO bracelet, they even call it a "product," but is there a way to buy it? I couldn't find one.

Cool blog. I stumbled across it while searching for something jewelry-related (I forget what) in Google images. Yay, you.

4:40 PM  

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