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design is dead!

ok well, not really, but lots of other things are and what better way to celebrate than mexico's day of the dead! i've always been fascinated by this holiday and figured it would be high time to celebrate it, seeing as it's almost halloween.

the new york times did a great piece on the food half of the celebration, which is a phenomenal celebration of life and those who are no longer with you. i, for one, feel that the colors and symbols that dominate the festival are both eery and wonderfully vibrant. these photographs i so shamelessly stole from the ny times give you a great idea of what i mean.

for more info (and postcards!) you can check out this site. happy day of the dead!

GRATEFUL DEAD [skull confections from mexico*nytimes] eery edibles...

SOUTH OF THE BORDER [day of the dead imagery*mexico] in a world full of streamlined bent ply and monochromatic neutrals..it's nice to bring some color and vibrancy to the world...


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