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focus: artist

spencer finch is cool. his work at the whitney biennial this year blew me away. i just wanted to put up a little something about his lighting pieces so people could check him out on their own, seeing as he's a brooklyn-based artist...and you know my preoccupation with supporting local artists.

as i've started to pay more attention to lighting as art, i've become drawn to people who have explored the medium and pushed it in different directions. finch's work at the biennial was a brilliant collection of bulbs and wires- reminiscent of maurer and calder's earlier works (it also reminded me of the opening credits for "punch drunk love" designed by artist jeremy blake). his experimentation with neon deserves some attention too- the way he works with color and light to create moods and illicit emotions is phenomenal. this is seen most precisely in his piece "paris/texas", in which he uses colored panels to filter light so that the light in texas (where the installation took place) resembles exactly the light in paris on a particular night in 2003.

i need to delve deeper into spencer fitch's work and background, but i've been sidelined by a nasty cold this week, so i'll have to leave the additional research up to you guys...you can check out spencer's site here or read up on his reviews and exhibitions here. enjoy!

BULB HEAVEN [whitney biennial piece*spencer finch] what first drew me in...so gorgeous

MOOD LIGHTING [moonlight*spencer finch] beautiful. just beautiful.

PLANETARY GRACE [mars black*spencer finch] a world of beautiful lights...

LIGHT GARAGE [paris/texas*spencer finch]



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